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Manually Installing VMware tools on Ubuntu 10.10 kernel version 2.6.35-24 under VMware Fusion 3.1.2

VMware Fusion allows you to run other operating systems virtually on your Mac. One of these operating systems is Ubuntu 10.10. To get the best performance, and to enable features such as file sharing between the Mac and Ubuntu, you need to install VMware tools.

Unfortunately the menu option in VMware Fusion 3.1.2 to install VMware tools doesn't appear to work with Ubuntu 10.10 kernel version 2.6.35-24, instead stating that the "vmware tools are not available for this guest". This guide explains how to manually install the tools.

The first step is to start your Ubuntu virtual machine. Next, right click on the CD icon at the bottom right of the virtual machine window and select "Choose Disk Image". Navigate through your Macs filesystem to "/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/isoimages" and select "linux.iso".

You should now have a 'CD' available on your Ubuntu desktop. Open the 'CD' and you'll find a .tar.gz archive file. Right click on the file and extract it to somewhere convenient (e.g. the desktop).

Next, open a terminal window and navigate to the folder you extracted from the .tar.gz. Run the command "sudo ./" and follow the on-screen instructions. You can press Enter at each prompt to accept the default value - this should be okay for most users.

When the script has completed you should reboot your virtual machine. At this stage you should be able to drag and drop files between the virtual machine and your Mac, access shared folders in /mnt/hgfs, resize the window and have the resolution automatically update and so on.

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